Start Working Towards a Straighter Smile Today!

Do your child or teen’s upper front teeth protrude relative to their lower teeth? Do their upper front teeth cover the majority of their lower teeth when biting? Do their upper teeth sit behind or inside of their lower teeth when biting?

No matter your age, traditional braces or clear braces could be your solution. Trust your smile to the only Board Certified Orthodontist in Briarcliff Manor, New York and schedule your consultation with Dr. Cheung.

Dr. Cheung will determine your child or teen’s personalized treatment plan and help everyone to understand what needs to happen to achieve a straight, healthy smile! Dr. Cheung is a forward-thinking orthodontic expert who believes in clear communication, attention to detail and progressive solutions, all of which add up to efficient and effective treatment.

Dr. Cheung is proud to offer metal and clear braces from American Orthodontics.

Treatment time depends on the severity of each individual case, but each case works toward the same goal: beautifully aligned teeth and a balanced facial profile. Appointments are every 4-8 weeks, depending on the type of treatment.

Are you considering postponing treatment? The consequences of not receiving orthodontic work when necessary can impact the rest of your life. Orthodontic work corrects your misaligned teeth and jaw, which if not corrected, can cause problems with your bite, and your speaking and chewing abilities. There are also psychological benefits to achieving a straighter smile, as it is correlated with improved self-image and confidence.

Traditional Modern Braces:

Empower Brackets: A modern and high-tech bracket advancement, Empower brackets are self-ligating and may reduce overall treatment time.

Low Profile Brackets: A modern bracket alternative with low profile heights to increase comfort while still delivering efficient and effective results.

Clear Braces:

Radiance: A clear alternative to traditional modern braces that deliver equally exceptional and effective results.

Traditional and clear braces provide similar benefits and similar treatment time, but clear braces come with the esthetic benefit of limited visibility. Both options have similar procedures, beginning with an initial examination that provides the framework for your orthodontic treatment plan.