Expert, Efficient, Effective, Empathetic, Esthetic

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Expert, Efficient, Effective, Empathetic, Esthetic

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Expert, Efficient, Effective, Empathetic, Esthetic

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Expert, Efficient, Effective, Empathetic, Esthetic

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  • Dr.Tracy Cheung and the staff at Orthodontic Harmony have exceeded all my expectations since day one. I have had nothing... read more

    Michele Lopera Avatar
    Michele Lopera
  • Highly recommend Dr. Cheung. She is kind, thoughtful, provides a range of options, and has great attention to detail. The... read more

    Kate Kenney Avatar
    Kate Kenney
  • Highly recommend this place. Dr.Cheung is very thorough and detail-oriented when it comes to explaining treatment procedure to patients. She's... read more

    Rajesh Reddy Avatar
    Rajesh Reddy
  • Dr. Cheung and all the staff are so great, attentive, and accommodating. I now have 2 daughters in treatment, and... read more

    Aferdita Selimaj Avatar
    Aferdita Selimaj
  • I have taken my son to see Dr. Cheung for over a year. Every visit with Dr. Cheung has been... read more

    Lilly Cruz Avatar
    Lilly Cruz
  • I am so very pleased with the treatment and care Dr. Tracy and her team provide for my son Sean.
    read more

    Terri Hamill Avatar
    Terri Hamill
  • Dr. Tracy and her team are so thorough, efficient, and consistent. It’s such a breath of fresh air to check... read more

    Joey Pawl Avatar
    Joey Pawl
  • I have only great things to say about Dr. Tracy and her team at Orthodontic Harmony. Everything has been... read more

    George Naggiar Avatar
    George Naggiar
  • Dr. Cheung has made my Invisalign treatment very seamless and has delivered amazing results in a short amount of time!... read more

    Wendy Tigre Avatar
    Wendy Tigre
  • My daughter has had a great experience with Orthodontic Harmony. Dr Tracey is very knowledgeable, and the whole process has... read more

    Svetlana Avatar
  • The team at Orthodontic Harmony have been great. They have been able to work wonders with the Invisalign treatment method... read more

    Gordana Maric Avatar
    Gordana Maric
  • For anyone who has ever felt scared or uncomfortable at a different orthodontist or dentist there is no problem here.... read more

    Flower Power Avatar
    Flower Power
  • I cannot underscore how GREAT Dr Cheung is!!!! From the initial visit to the placement of braces, it was amazing.... read more

    Raj S Avatar
    Raj S
  • I would describe this practice as organized, friendly, Meticulous, clean, detail-oriented and punctual. I was recommended to see Dr. Cheung... read more

    Phoenix Wright Avatar
    Phoenix Wright
  • Absolutely great experience with Orthodontic Harmony!
    My son has special needs (is on the autism spectrum) and has limited communication skills....
    read more

    Billie Grant Avatar
    Billie Grant
  • I really like how the doctor and staff get to know their patients. If I call about my appointment, they... read more

    Keyshawn Espinal Avatar
    Keyshawn Espinal
  • My experience with Dr. Tracey and the entire Orthodontic Harmony team has been a great one since my first consultation.... read more

    Sabrina Ciampi Avatar
    Sabrina Ciampi
  • Highly recommended for you and your family to come here! Always a great experience. My son and I are patients... read more

    Ciara M Avatar
    Ciara M
  • Absolutely NO complaints! I started my Invisalign treatment in the middle of a pandemic of 2020 and they followed through... read more

    Carolina Coto-Chang Avatar
    Carolina Coto-Chang
  • Dr. Chung is a fantastic orthodontist! I’ve known her since I was 10 and she has helped me so much!... read more

    Shivani Ramsaran Avatar
    Shivani Ramsaran
  • I just finished my treatment and I could not be happier! Everyone at Orthodontic Harmony is so friendly, professional, and... read more

    Nicole Wallach Avatar
    Nicole Wallach
  • Staff is amazing and I’m getting incredible results! Highly recommend!

    Matt Kuntzman Avatar
    Matt Kuntzman
  • Orthodontic Harmony was recommended by my dentist and I’m so happy with the whole experience. Everyone in the office was... read more

    Rachel Licht Avatar
    Rachel Licht
  • I am so happy with how my teeth turned out!! The staff were very welcoming and helpful every time I... read more

    Jessica Zhinin Avatar
    Jessica Zhinin
  • Love this office and team ! Clean organized and welcoming. Results are excellent .

    Ayxa Hernandez Avatar
    Ayxa Hernandez
  • I have been having a great experience at Orthodontic Harmony. I am about half way through the Invisalign process.... read more

    Michelle Stangarone Avatar
    Michelle Stangarone
  • Highly recommend Dr. Cheung! She does a great job, is very thorough and makes sure you understand all your options... read more

    Cian Lynch Avatar
    Cian Lynch
  • I had a great experience with Orthodontic Harmony. Dr Tracy and her team are amazing and I’m very happy with... read more

    Tori J Avatar
    Tori J
  • I had an amazing experience with Orthodontic Harmony! I broke my permanent retainer and did not have an orthodontist in... read more

    Deanna Ellison Avatar
    Deanna Ellison
  • Great staff always willing to help and flexible.
    Dr Tracy Li Cheung has great communication skills and overall excellent knowledge...
    read more

    Luis Lantigua Tatem Avatar
    Luis Lantigua Tatem
  • Dr. Cheung is an amazing orthodontist. I love the employees and the doctor. I love how clean the office is.... read more

    Christine Vanca Avatar
    Christine Vanca
  • I have been going to Orthodontic Harmony for four (4) months now. At each appointment I have been completely... read more

    Lisa Jean Avatar
    Lisa Jean
  • Best Orthodontist. You can’t go wrong here. Please do not look any further for your orthodontic care. They do the... read more

    DrM Dentis Avatar
    DrM Dentis
  • Son completed treatment here with a great outcome. Dr. Tracy excels at orthodontics and Ayxa is very caring. Would highly... read more

    James B Avatar
    James B
  • Everything about Orthodontic Harmony was incredible.
    I just finished my treatment with them. Dr. Cheung has really amazing energy, friendly, and...
    read more

    Lorin Francis Avatar
    Lorin Francis
  • I LOVE Orthodontic Harmony! I now live out of state but Dr. Cheung is always willing to work with me... read more

    Natalia Lens Avatar
    Natalia Lens
  • The team at Orthodontic Harmony have been great. They have been able to work wonders with the Invisalign treatment method... read more

    Gordana Lasić Avatar
    Gordana Lasić
  • Dr.Tracy did a exceptional job reforming my smile over the past 2 years. I was born without 2 front... read more

    Joshua Zamilus Avatar
    Joshua Zamilus
  • The staff here at Orthodontic Harmony are not only charismatic, but exceptionally professional. I am greeted with big smiles every... read more

    Alan robles Avatar
    Alan robles
  • I was recommended to Dr. Tracy by my General Dentist and I have to say I'm so thankful. She... read more

    Deirdre Vetere Avatar
    Deirdre Vetere
  • Dr. Cheung is amazing. She cares about her patients, she took her time with my son and explained the... read more

    Deanna P Avatar
    Deanna P
  • Dr. Cheung and the staff are incredibly nice and knowledgable. I am incredibly happy with the process and results so... read more

    Rachel Seiden Avatar
    Rachel Seiden
  • Dr Tracy is amazing and her staff are wonderful! The place is so clean. I travel an hour to come... read more

    Jenny Riley Avatar
    Jenny Riley
  • Myself and my teen child recently completed our treatment at Orthodontic Harmony. I am a medical professional myself, so I... read more

    Doc Mom Avatar
    Doc Mom
  • They have been absolutely fantastic with our 10 yr old son. Every treatment they’ve recommended has worked flawlessly. Their... read more

    Dave Gargani Avatar
    Dave Gargani
  • Dr. Cheung is very dedicated and caring for her patients. She even gets more excited about my teeth alignment progress... read more

    Sportster NY Avatar
    Sportster NY
  • Dr. Tracy and her staff are fantastic! In addition to being a great orthodontist, Dr. Tracy is very good at... read more

    Craig Zumsteg Avatar
    Craig Zumsteg
  • I have had a perfect experience at Orthodontic Harmony. I am now finishing up a 1.5 year long Invisalign treatment... read more

    Michelle Bravato Avatar
    Michelle Bravato
  • From the moment of our very first consultation with Dr Cheung, the experience of treating my daughter for braces has... read more

    Laura Watrous Avatar
    Laura Watrous
  • My 10 year old daughter has been going to Orthodontic Harmony for her overcrowding over the past 11 months. ... read more

    Antoinette DellaVecchia Avatar
    Antoinette DellaVecchia
  • Orthodontic Harmony has been absolutely fabulous! I am 30 years old and got my Invisalign in Jan and it has... read more

    Bianca Pierre-Louis Avatar
    Bianca Pierre-Louis
  • My two sons are patients of Dr. Tracy, and I highly recommend her practice. Dr. Tracy and her staff are... read more

    Britt Rosenbaum Avatar
    Britt Rosenbaum
  • For anyone who has ever felt scared or uncomfortable at a different orthodontist or dentist there is no problem here.... read more

    Gwen Vargo Avatar
    Gwen Vargo
  • We just finished my daughter’s braces treatment with Dr. Cheung and her team. We were patients for almost two years... read more

    Ralitsa Delgado Avatar
    Ralitsa Delgado
  • Awesome orthodontist. Dr tracy is friendly and efficient. Great with adult orthodontics. The office communicates really well with me and... read more

    konan kouassi Avatar
    konan kouassi
  • My son just had his braces removed today. Could you believe it a year and 5 months later this boy... read more

    Budy J Whitfield Avatar
    Budy J Whitfield
  • I am so very pleased with the treatment and care Dr. Tracy and her team provide for my son Sean.
    read more

    Terri Hamill Avatar
    Terri Hamill
  • Dr Tracy did a fabulous job for my wife and my young daughter! She fit my wife in on very... read more

    Bill Reed Avatar
    Bill Reed
  • Our family had an excellent experience with Dr. Tracy. Two of our children were in her care and we... read more

    PandAlpaca87 Hons Avatar
    PandAlpaca87 Hons
  • I have had the pleasure to be a patient at Orthodontic Harmony i couldn't be more happy with the treatment... read more

    Nina C Avatar
    Nina C
  • I am very impressed with Harmony Orthodontics. They have a wonderful staff that is both professional, knowledgeable while still remaining... read more

    Veronica Harrison Avatar
    Veronica Harrison
  • Amazing orthodontist and staff! Dr Tracy is wonderful with communicating every step of the way during treatment! We travel almost... read more

    Kelly Caporale Avatar
    Kelly Caporale
  • I picked orthodontic harmony through online reviews and I am so happy to have chosen this place for my Invisalign... read more

    Jasjit Bhinder Avatar
    Jasjit Bhinder

Welcome To Orthodontic Harmony

Dr. Tracy Li Cheung of Orthodontic Harmony is a forward-thinking, orthodontic expert who believes in clear communication, attention to detail, and progressive solutions.

Juilliard/Stanford/UCSF trained Board Certified Orthodontist and Premier Invisalign and Invisalign Teen Provider, Dr. Tracy Li Cheung, provides progressive orthodontic solutions to children, teens, and adults in Westchester and surrounding counties. As the only Board Certified Orthodontist in Briarcliff Manor, Pleasantville, Thornwood, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Croton-on-Hudson, Yorktown Heights and Peekskill, Dr. Cheung provides an expert level of care to her patients. When you visit Orthodontic Harmony for the first time, Dr. Cheung will perform a consultation to assess your orthodontic needs and formulate a customized treatment plan. Dr. Cheung will tailor treatment directly to your individual needs to set you on your path to achieving your best smile.

Dr. Cheung devoted hundreds of additional hours to become a Board Certified Orthodontist. Dr. Cheung first had to successfully pass a rigorous written exam covering orthodontic theory and dental sciences. She then had to pass an oral exam and a committee review of her treated cases. Becoming Board Certified is a voluntary achievement that Dr. Cheung chose to pursue on her own, and in doing so as an Orthodontist in Briarcliff Manor, New York, she has thoroughly illustrated her highest commitment to excellence in orthodontics.

Beyond offering the expertise of Dr. Cheung, Orthodontic Harmony also provides patients with the benefits that come from using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures our patient’s comfort while we deliver comprehensive and progressive care through efficient and effective treatment.

Dr. Cheung is committed to providing impeccable care and service that leads to outstanding orthodontic results, all to help you achieve your best smile.

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