Orthodontic Harmony | Lingual Orthodontics
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Lingual Orthodontics

Get a Straight Smile with “Invisible Braces”

Orthodontic Harmony is proud to offer lingual orthodontics, often called “invisible braces.” Lingual orthodontics are unique in that the brackets used to straighten your smile are placed on the inside of your teeth, rather than the outside like with traditional braces. Lingual braces allow you to achieve a straight smile with the proven science of traditional metal braces, but in a more discrete way that allows for total confidence throughout the process. It’s important to know that not all orthodontists have the ability to offer lingual braces. However, Dr. Cheung has completed extra training in this specific area of orthodontics and has the expertise required to complete treatment efficiently and effectively.

Our practice offers The Harmony Line of lingual braces by American Orthodontics. Benefits of The Harmony Line include:

  • Shorter appointments and less chair time: The Harmony Line’s advanced technology and pre-formed arch wires mean fast and easy wire changes.
  • Efficient treatment: The Harmony Line uses self-ligating clips which can lead to more time in between appointments.
  • Dependable results: Smile transformation and treatment outcomes are highly predictable with The Harmony Line.

Dr. Cheung is a forward-thinking, orthodontic expert who believes in progressive solutions, which is precisely why she offers The Harmony Line lingual braces. To determine if lingual braces are right for you, Dr. Cheung will first complete your complimentary consultation.

Patients value that Dr. Cheung works quickly and efficiently when it comes to decision-making and keeping treatment time to a minimum while still ensuring treatment success.